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Four New Chapters


And some notes from Zefyr. And a new cover. And a few of my illustrations scattered here and there.

If you’ve been patiently skimming the dialog-ey relationship-building stuff (that’s a real author term, obviously) in hope for some actual action, start at Chapter 20. Things pick up a bit there.

Again, this is pretty new material for me. Stuff gets changed and re-worded whenever I do a read-through, but I don’t think anything major is going to change with the plot at this point.

Some of the stuff – the reactor and the subsequent disastrous flooding – I’ve been chomping at the bit to write about. I feel a bit like Zefyr at the end of Chapter 21, flying through the rain on the back of Noa’s bike and laughing when the thunder hits because, wheee, isn’t this fun? Finally, things start to come together. Zefyr has thoughts around the “L” word, which Noa would probably share in, if he knew what love even meant. Halcyon is not just methodical, it’s malicious. Which you probably guessed at all along but now you, like Noa can properly bask in the shock of it.

Anyway, I’ll stop jabbering and let you read it.

DWTW – Through Chapter 21


Novel-ey stuff


*Edit 5/21 – See, I told ya. After reading over the interaction in the last part of chapter 17, I realized it was fairly abrupt. So, I went back and added a few things to tie in with some earlier chapters. Carry on, my shallots.

Some new chapters….

DWTW – Through Chapter 17

These past few chapters feel a little less certain for me – everything before that was actually on it’s 3rd or 4th re-write, and these have really only been the second re-write. So, be patient. They will very possibly change later on.

I know things slow down in this part, but I actually wanted them to because, well, this is where you start to realize that, oh, hey, they’re probably falling in love, and sometimes that process looks like commonplace conversations and realizations about the other person that move without hurrying.

So, there it is. Hopefully, I captured some of the awkward beauty that comes with adolescence, as the title of the Part 3 suggests. And hopefully, my parents get a kick out of the two merchants because I got a kick out of writing about them.