DwtW – All of Part One


As promised….also, I added cover art! Look how cool I am. The coloring needs some help – I was doing it freehand and it shows. I’d like to recolor it with my tablet at some point.

You will also notice a complete table of contents but obviously not all of the chapters are finished or even named properly. I’ll be filling them in as I go.

Thanks for the feedback so far. It tickles me to think that people are actually taking the time to read this. Best comment I’ve gotten so far was from my dad, who said that now he wanted to know what was going to happen to Noa and “whats her name”. Ha. (For the record, Zefyr’s name is pronounced “Ze-feer”. I know that typical variations of that word are pronounced “Zeffer”, but hey, this is my story. If you really want to think of her as “Zeffer” though, I can handle it.)

DWTW – Through Chapter 8


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